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Nitin Shinde


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Started on: 15 Mar 2024
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Course Description

A front-end developer creates websites and applications using web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that allow users to access and interact with the site or app. When you visit a website, the design elements you see were created by a front-end developer.

Course Syllabus

This syllabus will provide a detailed overview of what’s involved in Suesys Learning’s Front-end web development program, and list all the "need to know" topics.


  • Part 1: Intro to HTML and CSS
    • HTML and CSS syntax 
    • HTML elements 
    • HTML document structure 
    • CSS selectors, properties, and values 
    • Where to write CSS 
    • Code commenting in HTML and CSS 
    • Pick a code editor 
    • Build your first web page
    • Get familiar with browser DevTool 
  • Part 2: HTML Fundamentals
    • Semantics of HTML
    • Block and inline elements
    • Nesting of elements
    • Text elements
    • Structure elements
    • Hyperlinks
    • Lists
    •  lists in HTML. 
    • Image, video, audio elements 
    • Iframe elements
    • Tables 
    • Forms 
    • HTML best practices 
    • Create a basic multi page website 
  • Part 3: CSS Fundamentals
    • Cascading effect
    • Specificity
    • Combining and layering selectors
    • Advanced selectors
    • Colors
    • Lengths
    • Typography
    • Backgrounds and gradients 
    • CSS resets
    • CSS best practices
  • Part 4: Bootstrap 4
    • Installation
    • Responsive grid system
    • Bootstrap's style standards
    • Responsive CSS
    • Responsive development with browser devTools 
    • Responsive website clone
  • Part 5: Advanced CSS and Bootstrap 5
    • Installation
    • Responsive grid system
    • Bootstrap's style standards
    • Responsive CSS
    • Responsive development with browser devTools 
    • Responsive website clone
  • Part 6: HTML CSS Project
  • Part 7: Migrating to Bootstrap 5
  • Part 8: Deploying Basic HTML CSS Website
  • Part 9: Intro to Javascript
    • Values and Types - Programming is mostly for dealing with data. There are six basic types of data values in JavaScript. You will learn the most basic four first. Numbers, strings, booleans, and undefined values.
    • Operators - Operators are used to combine, compare, and manipulate data values. Learn to use arithmetic operators such as +, -, *, /, %; comparison operators such as <, <=, ===, !==, >, >=; logical operators such as &&, ||, !. You also will learn the automatic type conversion that happens in JavaScript operators, which can lead to unintuitive outputs.
    • Variables - Variables are used to temporarily store values, so we can reuse them at different stages of a program. For example, when you are counting in your head, you keep check of the current count and continue to add numbers to it. In JavaScript, you create a variable to do this. Learn how to create new variables; assign and re-assign values to variables; use variable update shortcuts such as -=, +=, ++, --; and variable naming conventions in JavaScript.
    • Where to write and test JavaScript - To improve, you need to practice. The most accessible resource for you to write and test JavaScript programs is to use the browser devTool JavaScript console. Most browser’s that have a devTool suite will have a JavaScript console. It works when you don’t have an internet connection either. If you want something more sophisticated, check out online coding environments such as It offers a side by side view of a text editor and a JavaScript console for you to write and test your code. Basic Program Structure

You will learn about the basic constituents of JavaScript programs. How to write simple programs, conditional statements, loops, and switch statements. You also need to follow a good syntax guide and learn how to add comments to programs.

  • Part 10: Intro Jquery
  • Part 11: Javascript Usage in website
  • Part 12: Jquery Usage in website
  • Part 13: Live Project
HTML Java Spring HTML/HTML5 Photoshop HTTP Bootstrap

Nitin Shinde

Professional web Designing Trainer
Experience: 12 years

About Nitin Shinde

Front End Developer with 12 + years in blending art of design with skill of programming to deliver engaging user experience through efficient website development, proactive feature optimization, and relentless debugging. Translations of the UI/UX designs (PSD to HTML) wireframes to actual code (HTML format) with latest standard, Having updated industry knowladge and years of teaching experience.


HTML, Java, Spring, HTML/HTML5, Photoshop, HTTP, Bootstrap

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