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Course Description

Full stack development refers to the end-to-end application software development, including the front end and back end. The front end consists of the user interface, and the back end takes care of the business logic and application workflows.

Full stack development is the end-to-end development of applications. It includes both the front end and back end of an application. The front end is usually accessed by a client, and the back end forms the core of the application where all the business logic is applied.

Course Syllabus

Java FSD        Topics
Credential    Coverage    
UI Specialist    HTML 5, CSS    HTML 5 (8 hrs)

        1. Introduction, Formating Tags,
        2. Lists, Tables
        3. Images, Vidoes and Audios
        4. Form elements, html 5 add-ons
        5. LocalStorage, Canvas, Location, Drag Drop
        6. Locations
        CSS (8 hrs)
        1. Introduction Inline,Embeded and External
        2. Selectors and Style Rules
        3. Common CSS properties
        4. Box Model
        5. Table And List Styling
        6. Position and Display
        7. CSS 3 Grid Layout and Flex Layout
        8. CSS 3 Animations
UX Developer    JavaScript    Javascript - ES6 (8 hrs)
        1. Introduction, variables and operators
        2.Control Structures.
        3.ES6 Sugar Syntax
        4.Arrays, String, Math and Date
        5.Function,IIFE,Arrow Functions,Callbacks and Closures
        6.Classes, Prototypes, Json and Inheretence
        7.Asynchronous Programming (setTimeout,setInterva and Promise)
        7.DOM Manipulation
Back End Engineer    Core Java / Junit    Core Java - JavaSE 8 
        1. Introducction, History, Evolution, Features, Characteristics and Archetecture.
        2. Recap - Language Fundementals (Data types, variables, operators, controlsturctures and arrays)
        3. Enhanced For, Var args
        4. OOP (Class and Object, static and this,Polymorphsism,Inheretence and Abstraction,Interfaces (default and static methods) final and super keyword, Inner class, Anonymous class, Nested Classes).
        5. Packages
        6. java.lang (Object,String,StringBuffer and StringBuilder,System,Math).
        7. Exception Handling
        8. java.util (Scanner, Random)
        9. java.time (LocalDate,LocalTime,LocalDateTime, Duration,Period,DateTimeFormatter)
        10 .Generics and Collections
        11. Lambdas and Stream api
        12.  IOs and NIOs, Serialization and Deserialization
        13. Multi Threading
        14. JDBC
        15. JUnit
DB Specialist    MySQL    MySQL
        1. Introduction and Installation
        2. Recape - DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, DRL
        3. Joins and Views
        4. Procedures and Fuctions
Framework Specialist    JPA and Hibernate    JPA and Hibernate (16 hrs)
        1. Introduction to ORM
        2. Hibernate Archetecture and JPA Segnificance
        3. Bean Life Cycle (JPA and Hibernate)
        4. JPA Annotations
        5. Entity Mapping, Id Mapping, Columns Mapping
        6. Inheritence Mapping
        7. Embeded (Composition) Mapping, Association Mapping
        8. JPQL
    Spring MVC, Core, Rest, Security    Spring Core
        1. Why Spring?,Spring Core Framework,Spring Platform,Setting up Development Environment,What is inversion of control?
        2. Spring Inversion of Control - XML Configuration,Spring Dependency Injection-Overview,Setter Injection
        3. Injecting Literal values,Injecting values from Property files,Bean Scopes,Bean Lifecycles,Constructor Injection
        4. Setter Injection,Method Injection,Field Injection
        JSPs (JSP Elements, EL, JSTL Core)
        Spring MVC
        5. Spring MVC Overview,Spring MVC Configuration
        6. Creating Controllers and Views
        7. Creating multiple controllers
        8. Request Params and Request Mappings,Form Tags and data binding
        9. Form Tags and data binding
        10. Applying built in validation rules,Validating Number Ranges and Regular expressions
        11. Spring JDBC
        12. REST api
        13. Spring Security
        11. Exception Handling
Integration Engineer    Spring  Boot    Spring Boot (24 hrs)
        1. Introduction to auto configuaration.
        2. Spring Boot Properties
        3. Spring Data
        4. Spring Data REST
        5. Spring Security
        6. Spring Test
DevOps Engineer    Maven, GIT    Maven
        1. Introduction
        2. POM
        3. Project Life Cycles
        4. Dependency Management
        1. Introduction
        2. GIT CLI
        3. Repository
        4. Staging and Commiting
        5.Push, Pull, Clone
        6. Log, Diff, Status

Java Python Java Full Stack Spring Boot C++ Core Java MySQL Oracle Database Administrator Spring Mvc C Programming Spring Rest Api Java Script (ES6)

Nagul Meera Shaik

Professional Instructor
Experience: 9 years

About Nagul Meera Shaik

Overall 9 years of experience as a Technical Trainer and Developer in full stack java technologies like core java, hibernate, spring machines, spring boot and database technologies.


C Programming, C++, Core Java, Java, Java Full Stack, Java Script (ES6), MySQL, Oracle Database Administrator, Python, Spring Boot, Spring Mvc, Spring Rest Api

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