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Course Description

SAP MM (Material Management) Module is a SAP ERP component that helps organizations with material management, inventory management, and warehouse management in the supply chain process. It is a part of SAP ECC’s logistics functions which consists of several components and sub-components. The most prominent and widely used components are Master Data, Purchasing, and Inventory.

Transaction (in SAP) means processing of certain information in order to complete business process requirement. For example, if you have purchased 10 pieces of litter buckets, you can perform particular transaction code (t-code) that will reflect those changes in SAP. Most of the business processes involve multiple SAP transactions to be accomplished and are spread over one, two or more modules.

Course Syllabus

Course Contents
Introduction to S/4HANA MM Training

• Who can learn SAP S/4HANA MM?
• Target Audience
• Why should I learn S4HANA?
• About this training
• How to follow this course?
• How to prepare for Certification exam?
• Fiori launchpad vs S/4HANA GUI screen
• GUI Screen – Traditional vs New Screen
• GUI Screen Setting
• Identify your HANA system
• Fiori Launch pad and Designer T/codes
• Purchase Order Cycle Demo
S/4HANA Overview
• What is SAP S/4HANA?
• Extension to S/4HANA Enterprise Mgt Procurement
• Difference between HANA and S/4HANA
• ECC vs S/4HANA Model
HANA Architecture and Deployment
• HANA Architecture
• Deployment Options
• On-premise
• Public cloud
• Private cloud
• Hybrid
S/4HANA History, Releases and Naming Convention
• S/4HANA History
• HANA Product history
• Releases
• Naming convention
Introduction to Fiori
• What is Fiori?
• Problems with ECC GUI
• Fiori Design Principles
• Types of Fiori Applications
Fiori – User Personalization
• Login and password reset
• Home screen, Tile and Business groups
• User personalization
• Zoom in, zoom out
• Object Page
• My Inbox
• Export data to excel file
• View settings
• Save as tile option
• Email data in a tile
Fiori – Search Options
• Search via Object page
• Search via Home page
• Global search
• Advance apps
Fiori Apps Library
• What is Fiori Apps Library?
• How to find the use and features of an app?
• How to search for a business role or app?
• How to assign business roles
Customizing Catalogues, Fiori groups and Business Roles
• Fiori Role concept.
• Customize and assign catalogues
• Customize and assign Fiori groups
Fiori Apps Troubleshooting
• Correct Business Role
• Activate UI application
• Activate OData services
• Browser history
• GUI transaction testing
S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
• What is S/4HANA Embedded Analytics?
• Query Browser
Define and assign MM Org Structure
• Org structure in MM
• Company
• Company Code
• Plant
• Storage location
• Purchasing Organization
• Purchasing groups
Maintaining Material Master
• Material master Apps
• Maintaining material master in S/4HANA
Material Master field length extension
• ECC vs S/4HANA material length
• Constraints of extending material master field length
• Customize settings for extension
• Consideration before changing settings for extension
• Lexicographical indicator
• Leading zeros indicator
MRP Fields Simplification
• MRP fields simplification in S/4HANA
• New Material Type SERV
Master Data for Materials Management
• Cutomize a new material type
• Customize material number assignment
• Determine the field selection control and name its influencing factors
Introduction to Business Partners
• ECC customer master model
• ECC vendor master model
• S/4HANA business partner model
• S/4HANA business partner approach
• BP advantages
• BP simplification
Maintaining Business Partner
• How to create a Business Partner in GUI and Fiori Launchpad
• Standard roles for maintaining customer and vendor
• Customer and vendor specific views in BP
• How to search for a BP
• BP settings
• Blocking a BP
Business Partner Relationships
• BP relationship overview
• Relationship customizing
• One-way and two-way relationships
Business Partner Tables
• Customer Master Tables
• Vendor Master Tables
• BP Tables
Customizing BP roles
• BP roles
• BP role categories
• BP views (BUSD)
Customer Vendor Integration
• BP number range and Grouping
• Customer number range assignment
• Vendor number range assignment
• Master data synchronization
• CVI customizing check report
Purchasing Info Record
• PIR overview.
• Maintaining info record in S/4HANA
• Automatic sourcing indicator
• PIR simplification in S/4HANA
• Test cases
Purchasing Info Record customizing
• Number range
• Screen layout customizing
• Text configuration for PIR
• Maintain inspection certificate categories
• Define price history
Purchasing Requisition
• Purchase requisition document flow
• Maintaining purchase req in S/4HANA
Request for Quotation
• Request for quotation overview
• Creating RFQ without any reference
• Converting RFQ to a Quotation
• Creating RFQ with reference to “Purchase Requisition”
• Comparing supplier quotation
Purchase Orders
• Purchase order overview
• Maintaining purchase orders in S4HANA
• Structure of a Purchase order
• Convert purchase requisition to a Purchase order
• Deleting a PO item
• Account assignment in a PO
• Automatic PO creation from purchase requisition
• Scheduling automatic PO
Scheduling Agreement
• Scheduling agreement overview
• Manual Scheduling agreement
• Manual schedule lines
• Automatic schedule lines
• Creating scheduling agreement with reference to p/req, p/quote and contracts
Purchasing Contracts
• Introduction to Purchasing Contracts
• Quantity contract
• Value contract
• Contract release order
Mass Changing Purchasing Docs
• Apps available for mass change
• Mass PO change
Document Release Procedure
• Step by step customizing for purchasing document release
• Fiori app for document release
Purchasing Document Type Customizing
• Define number range
• Define document types
• Enable dateline in purchasing documents
• Set tolerance limits for Price variance
• Define screen layout
• Fast entry of charcteristics value
• Text type customizing at header and item level
• Set up Subcontract Order
• Define reasons for Ordering
• Define reasons for Cancellation
• Authorization check for G/L accounts
Stock Transport Orders
• Introduction to Stock transport order
• STOs without Delivery
• Customizing procurement key
• STOs with SD Delivery
• Document flow
• STOs customizing settings
• Introduction to Subcontracting
• Subcontracting document flow
• Prerequisite for Subcontracting
• Production version migration for BOM
Vendor Consignment
• Introduction to Vendor consignment
• Process flow
• Document flow
• Customizing settings
• Prerequisites for consignment
Pipeline Process
• Introduction to Pipeline process
• Process flow
Introduction to External Service Management
• Introduction
• SAP External Service Mgt Vs SAP Service Mgt
• Process flow
Service Master Record and Conditions
• What is service master record
• Service conditions
• Levels of service conditions
Service Order
• Service order overview
• Service order structure
• Maintaining service order
Service Entry Sheet and Invoice Verification
• Service Entry Sheet
• Service Acceptance
• Invoice verification
Blanket Purchase Orders
• Blanket Purchase order overview
• Blanket PO cycle
• Maintaining a blanket purchase order
Introduction to MRP in S4HANA
• MRP history
• MRP working principle
• Classic MRP
• MRP Live
• Business benefits of MRP on HANA
MRP Technical Changes
• Database working principle in ECC and S/4HANA
Classic MRP
• What is Classic MRP?
• Issues with Classic MRP
MRP Live
• What is MRP MRP?
• Simplified MRP
Running MRP in SAP Fiori
• Fiori MRP run app
• How to schedule a MRP job via app
Classic MRP vs MRP Live
• Difference between Classic MRP vs MRP Live
• Forcing a material to be planned on classic MRP
Getting started with Fiori MRP Apps
• Business roles for MRP
• MRP cockpit
• Apps. available for MRP
• MRP settings
• Excluding a material from MRP Fiori app
Monitor Material Coverage
• Monitor coverage App.
• Material overview page
• Working with variants
• Solving a material storage
Monitor Internal Requirements
• App. Display
• App. Key features
Monitor External Requirements
• App. Display
• App. Key features
Monitor Production and Process Orders
• App. Display
• App. Key features
Manage Change Request
• App. Display
• Requesting for a change
• App. Key features
• Deleting closed change requests
Display MRP Material Issues
• App. Display
• App. Key features
Analyzing MRP Live Performance Log
• Analyze log in SAP GUI
• Analyze log in Fiori app.
• Optimal performance with MRP Live
MRP Live SAP Notes and Study Materials
• Important SAP notes related to MRP Live
• MRP Live Technical settings
• MRP Live Study materials
MRP Areas
• Types of MRP areas
• Customizing MRP areas
• MRP area planning in ECC
• MRP area planning in S/4HANA
• Mass processing of MRP area in S4HANA
Storage Location Planning Simplification
• Storage Location planning in ECC
• Storage Location planning in S/4HANA
• Reasons for Simplifications
Simplified Sourcing
• Simplified sourcing for External Procurement
• Simplified sourcing for Internal Procurement
• MRP source determination logic in S/4HANA
Introduction to Demand Driven MRP
• What is DDMRP?
• Methodology in DDMRP
• DDMRP History
• Products relevant to DDMRP
• Components of DDMRP
• DDMRP apps in S/4HANA
• Decoupled lead time
Buffer Profile Maintenance
• Buffer Zones
• Buffer Profile Maintenance
• Order Spike Horizon
Configurational Apps
• Schedule Product Classification.
• Mass maintenance of Products.
• Schedule Lead time classification of Products.
• Schedule buffer Proposal Calculation.
Operational Apps
• Planner Overview
• Manage Buffer levels
• Replenishment Planning
• Replenishment Execution
• Buffer Positioning
Introduction to Inventory Management
• What is Inventory Management
• Movement Types overview
• S/4HANA Inventory Management changes
• S/4HANA transaction code changes
• S/4HANA configuration changes
• S/4HANA Database table changes
• SAP Fiori Applications
• SAP Catch Weight Management overview
• Material Master data simplification
Customizing Inventory Management
• Organizational Units
• Late Locking
• Plant Parameters
Number Assignment
• Number assignment settings for Accounting documents
• Number assignment settings for Reservations
• Number assignment settings for Material and Physical Inventory documents
Movement Types
• Control functions of the movement type
• Customizing a new movement type and its naming convention.
Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
• Goods receipt process for purchase order
• Dynamic Search Capabilities
• Application Settings
Good Receipt
• Goods Receipt for Production Order
• Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery
• Goods Receipt without Reference
• Goods Issue to Production Order
• Goods Issue to Outbound Delivery
• Goods Issue without Reference
• Goods Issue Postings
• Goods Issue Reversal
• Automatic Purchase order creation during GR
Stock – Single Material
• Overview of Stock – Single material app
• Table T200A entries for Stock Types
• Result list and filtering options
• Application Settings
Stock – Multiple Materials
• Overview of Stock –Multiple material app
• Result list and filtering options
• Stock Value listed by Currency
Stock Overview Display (MMBE)
Stock Transfer – In Plant

• Key features of app Stock Transfer – In Plant
• Header and Result list
• Adding storage location automatically
• Input for transfer posting
Stock Transfer – Cross Plant
• Key features of app Stock Transfer – Cross Plant
• Header and Result list
• Input for transfer posting
Post Goods Movement
Overdue Materials -Stock in Transit
Inventory Overview Pages

• Overview Inventory Processing
• Overview Inventory Management
Goods Movement Reporting
• Material Document Overview
• Display Material Document List
Financial Inventory Values Reporting
• Material Inventory Values – Balance Summary
• Material Inventory Values – Rounding Differences
• Material Inventory Values – Line Items
Inventory Management Analytics
• Good Movement Analysis
• Inventory Turnover Analysis
• Slow or non-moving stock
• Dead Stock Analysis
• Inventory KPI Analysis
Introduction to Physical Inventory
• What is Physical Inventory?
• Types of Physical Inventory
• Physical Inventory Process
• ECC vs S4 HANA inventory
Physical Inventory Execution
• Create Physical Inventory Document
• Change Physical Inventory Document
• Print PI documents
• Enter Inventory Count
• Request PI recount
• Print PI recount
• Process PI count results
Physical Inventory Monitoring and Reporting
• Physical Inventory Document Overview
• Physical Inventory Analysis
• Display Physical Inventory Progress
• Display PI Document Items for Materials
Overview of Invoice Processing in S4 HANA
• What is Invoice Processing?
• Functionalities provided by S/4HANA for Invoice processing.
• Functional changes in SAP S/4HANA compared to SAP ECC
• Entry of Invoicing Document.
Types of Invoice Verification
• Purchase order based Invoice verification
• Goods receipt based Invoice Verification
• Master data settings
Invoice Parking and Holding
• Invoice Parking
• Invoice Holding
• Difference between invoice parking and holding
Credit Memo, Subsequent Credit and Debit
Invoice Reduction
Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)

• Overview of Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)
• Advantages of ERS
• Business Processes in ERS
Invoice Blocking and Tolerance Limits
• Overview of Invoice Blocking process
• Manual block
• Stochastic or random block
• Blocking via Payment Terms
• Automatic Block
• Tolerance Limits
• Releasing Blocked Invoices
Taxes in Invoice Verification
Duplicate Invoice Check

MM-FI Integration
• Account Determination
• Factors influencing Automatic account determination
• Value String
• Transaction/Event key
• Account grouping code
• Valuation class
• Valuation grouping
MM-PP Integration
Overview of technical topics , eg: BDC, Programs , IDOC , Tables etc.
Interview tips 

SAP MM SAP Hana Logistics SAP S/4HANA SAP Consulting


Professional Trainer
Experience: 17 years

About Rama

I am Senior SAP MM/S4HANA Logistics consultant and having around 17 years of Experience . I have done multiple projects includes Implementation, Support , Enhancement, Role out , Migration testing Etc. Having good expertise into SAP SD and FICO as well with integration between cross modules, Idocs , Interfaces , Functional specifications Etc.


Consulting, Invoicing, Logistics, Management, SAP, SAP Hana, SAP MM, SAP S/4HANA

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